These shots were for a client in Goa, India and I needed to show that these dishes had a depth and intensity that went beyond the average American food experience.

India is a continent where color and celebration go hand in hand. The gorgeous warmth of deep reds, gold and saffron are found in their fabrics and paints, and I wanted to bring some of the same intensity and drama to the food. Shooting against a midnight black background buffered to a deep gray through a neutral base gave me what I was looking for.

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Koli Ceviche
Fresh Deep Water Tuna, Diver Scallops and Roe with Long Green Chilies, Ginger and Red Onion, marinated with Fresh Seville Orange, Alphonso Mango, Lime and Pineapple Juices spiked with Juniper Berries



Panjim Baramundi

Ghee Seared Baramundi and Diver Scallops with Saffron Cafreal Butter & Goan Citrus Salad


Konkan Fried Potatoes
Shoestring Fried Potatoes & Brown Butter Cafreal Béarnaise



Limon Azedo
Wild Goan Lemon Custard Tart In Sugar Pastry Shell, Kerala Coconut Foam



Red Banana, Alphonso Mango, and Kerala Coconut Ices with Chakra Cookies